HathiTrust’s New Announcement: What Does It Mean?

HathiTrust Digital Library recently announced that now “it provides access to the text of the complete 16.7-million-item HathiTrust corpus for non-consumptive research, such as data mining and computational analysis, including items protected by copyright.” It is major development for HathiTrust that took years of planning and negotiation to ensure it was in compliance with copyright […]

Featured DH’er

Share This: Each month the Digital Scholarship Lab highlights a campus colleague who is working on a digital humanities project.  Hi Paul, Thanks for being our first feature interview! What degree are you pursuing and what are your research interests?  I’m currently a Master’s student in the Department of the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine. […]

On Collaboration: John Steinbeck’s America

Share This: On Collaboration: John Steinbeck’s America Laurie Scrivener, Associate Professor and History and Area Studies Librarian Liorah Golomb, Associate Professor and Humanities Librarian Collaboration is the first of OU Libraries’ stated values: “We promote collaboration through teamwork and cooperation to pursue common goals.”1 As library faculty and members of the university community, we wholeheartedly […]

What Are We Waiting For?

Share This: Recently The Chronicle of Higher Education published a piece entitled “How to Avoid a Post-Scholar America”.  Yes, we say, YES, and AMEN, too. The University of Oklahoma was founded as a public institution.  Its mission encompasses “service to the state and society.”  We can do this by, as The Chronicle article says, creating […]

Emerging Technologies – A Day in the Life

Share This: The following is an idealized day in the life of an Emerging Technologies Librarian at University of Oklahoma Libraries. While there has never been a day exactly like this, most days (right now) include some significant combination of the activities described below. 8:00-9:00am – Research. Research is definitely the most cognitively intensive activity […]

In (Academic Social) Medias Res

Share This: Within hours after Forbes.com published Sarah Bond’s article, Dear Scholars, Delete Your Account at Academia.edu, I began fielding questions from OU faculty members. 3,132 people from the University of Oklahoma have accounts on Academia.edu, and 3,284 have accounts on ResearchGate. Another popular “academic social network,” Mendeley, doesn’t group their accounts in the same […]

Preserving Virtual Reality at OU Libraries

Share This: With the public release of the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) headset in March 2016, and with many other affordable VR platforms following, VR is becoming the hottest new platform for video game content this year. At the same time, OU libraries has been developing a VR workstation, Oklahoma Virtual Academic Laboratory (OVAL), […]

OSF Preprints Repository

Share This: The Center for Open Science has launched OSF Preprints, an open access repository of more than 350,000 preprints of scholarly publications. Researchers can upload preprints, create projects, and work collaboratively. With OSF for Meetings, academic organizations can register events and share documents with participants. Other key features include document-level metrics, data archiving, and […]