Digital Humanities Readings

Share This: The application What is Digital Humanities? created by Jason Heppler puts the DH field into perspective. With each refresh of the screen, one gets a new definition of digital humanities that ranges from the laughable to the profound. For those who have been on the fringe of digital humanities this application helps us realize that there […]

Text Mining Oklahoma’s Newspapers

Share This: The Oklahoma Historical Society Research Division’s website, Gateway to Oklahoma History, is a fantastic, freely available source that includes digitized Oklahoma newspapers from the 1840s to the 1920s. Like many digitization projects, it’s a work in progress, but already contains a wealth of valuable information. The basic search screen, shown here, allows you […]

On the Value of Sharing Failure and Ignorance

Share This: I have gone down many blind alleys in my text-mining project, and I don’t think of them as failures; they are experiments that didn’t work out. The project involves mining the text of the U.S. horror genre television show Supernatural (the CW network, 2005-present) to try to demonstrate in an objective fashion the […]

A Perfect Fit: Citizen Science Soil Collection and SHAREOK

Share This: The University of Oklahoma Natural Products Discovery Group have teamed up with the OU Libraries to make data from their innovative Citizen Science Soil Collection program open to the public. Citizen scientists support natural products drug discovery The Natural Products Discover Group (NPDG), led by Principle Investigator Dr. Robert Cichewicz, work to discover […]

Historical Sheet Music Online

Share This: Before the radio burst into millions of homes during the 1920s the piano often was the focus of the evening’s entertainment for many middle class families.   The sheet music of the 19th and early 20th centuries provides revealing glimpses into the attitudes and culture of earlier times. Many digital collections of this repertoire […]

Digital Scholarship in Libraries

Share This: Stewart Varner and Patricia Hswe wrote an informative piece about the status of digital humanities in academic libraries based on the results of a American Libraries/Gale Cengage Survey. This is not the only survey that’s been conducted to gauge how libraries are supporting and contributing to digital humanities projects. In the past two years, as Digital Scholarship […]

About ResBaz 2016

Share This: You’re invited! OU Libraries’ Digital Scholarship Lab is hosting a ResBaz (ResearchBazaar) February 2 – 4, 2016, in conjunction with the University of Melbourne’s ResBaz. The focus of a ResBaz is to bring together researchers from a variety of disciplines and invite them to participate in a range of workshops on digital tools.The format of […]