ArcGIS Story Maps and Map-lesses

Share This: The ArcGIS Story Maps apps (from ESRI) offer a dynamic set of mixed-media presentation forms that represent the best in intuitive usability and serve as an antidote for cartophilic creators previously deflated by the labyrinthine complexity of professional-grade GIS software. (like this … phew!) Just consider July 2017’s Story Map of the Month: […]

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What Are We Waiting For?

Share This: Recently The Chronicle of Higher Education published a piece entitled “How to Avoid a Post-Scholar America”.  Yes, we say, YES, and AMEN, too. The University of Oklahoma was founded as a public institution.  Its mission encompasses “service to the state and society.”  We can do this by, as The Chronicle article says, creating […]

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In (Academic Social) Medias Res

Share This: Within hours after published Sarah Bond’s article, Dear Scholars, Delete Your Account at, I began fielding questions from OU faculty members. 3,132 people from the University of Oklahoma have accounts on, and 3,284 have accounts on ResearchGate. Another popular “academic social network,” Mendeley, doesn’t group their accounts in the same […]

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