Featured DH’er – Wendy Jordan

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Each month the Digital Scholarship Lab highlights a campus colleague who is working on a digital humanities project. 
Hi Wendy, So what degree are you pursuing and what are your research interests (both related to your degree and otherwise)?

I am currently a Senior Undergraduate History Major, with plans to pursue a MA degree in Museum Studies afterword. I have a particular interest in Medieval England and Scandinavia. I enjoy these periods as a whole, but if I had to narrow it down further, I’d say I particularly enjoy the Norwegian Civil War era (c. 1130-1240), 14th Century England, and The War of the Roses (1455-1485).

Tell us about your work in the DSL — what have you learned about digital scholarship through your DSL internship — and how do you hope your project will contribute to scholarship at OU?

At the DSL, I’ve learned several new skills and gained new experience. My computer and technological skills were very limited when starting, and with the DSL I have been able to gain a basic foundation; including the use of Omeka for website creation and publishing, Neatline Map to create an interactive map filled with pictures, texts, overlays of medieval maps, and location points, TimeLine JS for creating clickable Timelines with their template, and Family Echo for creating a family tree with pictures and dates. An essential part of utilizing these tools was gaining some basic HTML in order to tweak the results to what I desired for the site.

My goal for the site is that it can be used as an interactive secondary source for undergraduate students researching the period, and as a great place to look for other academic works to use in research, as every book in the bibliography can be found in OU’s library. Hopefully, professors who teach subjects relevant to the period can find uses for their own classes; either with pictures, the map to show locations, or the family tree to demonstrate familial relationships that are important, or as a place to recommend as a starting-point for further research.

How do you hope to apply the DH skills you have acquired to your research interests in the future, and what other DH skills are you interested in acquiring? 

I believe these skills will help in my future career, because it is nearly impossible to find a job anymore without some kind of computer knowledge and experience, and this experience has given me the chance to learn those skills. I would love to get better with HTML, and learn more Omeka plug-ins as they are released. I would also like to gain more experience with digitizing old books and documents for public consumption on the web, as I feel that providing these documents on the web greatly helps other researchers.