Is What You Do Data?

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Is What You Do Data? That was the question that my colleague Mark Laufersweiler tossed out to our planning committee as we discussed the theme for our upcoming event, ResBaz (Research Bazaar). Looking at its definition, data is plural for datum and in Latin it means “something given.” While we often ascribe data to the sciences, all of us are data creators and data consumers. When we fill out a form, write an email, take a picture, we create data, or what some datawould refer to as empirical evidence. We all create and work with data more than we realize. The next question, then, is, how do we manage that data, especially in our academic careers as students and teachers?

We decided that we would offer a series of hands-on workshops and presentations that addressed best practices for creating, collecting, organizing, analyzing, mapping, annotating, and parsing data. We specifically wanted to communicate to students and faculty that this event is for everyone, even those who say they don’t work with data.

This year’s ResBaz, therefore, offers a host of workshops to give us the tools and methods that will help us work effectively with our particular set of data, whether it involves analyzing a writer’s life works, mapping battles in a war, or analyzing experimental data–all need some kind of digital tool to help harness large amounts of information.

ResBaz consists of two days of hands-on workshops that provides opportunities to try new software or help us rethink how we are organizing our data. Both days (9/7-9/8) will include lunch and afternoon receptions to give everyone an opportunity to share ideas and connect. The final session on the second day will wrap up with a Panel Discussion consisting of four OU scholars (listed below) who will talk about the different ways they use data.

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Wednesday, September 7th – Thursday, September 8th
Full schedule and to register

Discussion Panel: September 8th, 2:00 – 3:00 pm
(Bizzell Memorial Library, Lower Level 1 Community Room)
Dr. Laura Bartley, Department of Microbiology and Plant Biology
Dr. Robert Cichewicz, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Dr. Henry Neeman, Supercomputing Ctr for Education and Research
Dr. Sam Huskey, Department of Classics and Letters

We look forward to seeing you at ResBaz!

By Tara Carlisle, Digital Scholarship Specialist, OU Libraries


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