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Open Science Framework

The Center for Open Science has launched OSF Preprints, an open access repository of more than 350,000 preprints of scholarly publications.

Researchers can upload preprints, create projects, and work collaboratively. With OSF for Meetings, academic organizations can register events and share documents with participants.

Other key features include document-level metrics, data archiving, and project tracking.

The open source infrastructure of OSF Preprints also supports three repositories: SocArXiv, PsyArXiv, and engrXiv. These preprint collections, available on independent platforms, specialize in social science, psychology and engineering scholarship, respectively.

For the latest updates, follow @OSFramework.

Visit OU Libraries’ Open Access page to learn more about author rights, open access, and copyright.

By Kristal Boulden, Social Sciences & Humanities Librarian

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